Impact Awning Window



.  Certificates: Florida approval, AS2047 & NZS 4211

. Lock System :Chain winder for high sealing performance

. Design : Easy & smooth slider action

. Customize door and solution Provide

. Warranty: 10 Years quality warranty

. Special impact profile and glass, safe from hurricane


The hinge of the awning window sash is installed on the upper side of the window sash and opens to the outside. When closed, the sash is fixed on the window frame around the window. Therefore, the safety and anti-theft performance are excellent. Its structural characteristics make its sealing performance better. It can avoid taking up indoor space, even if you forget to close the window, it is difficult for rainwater to enter the room when it rains. Awning window make the room circulate naturally with the natural air, and the indoor air is fresh, creating a comfortable living environment for you.

Profiles specially designed for hurricane areas, super air tightness, can effectively protect your safety under super hurricanes.

Glass Option

Glass Option

.  SGCC & IGCC , USA & Canada Certificate

.  AS2208 & AS4666 Certificate

.  Thickness of single glass: 5-20mm

.  Glass types: Frosted glass, Toughened glass, Low-e coated glass

. Special performance glass: Fireproof glass, Bulletproof glass,tinted, low-e, sound-proof and burglarproof


 . Classic color: Matt Black , light grey, Monument, white

 . Other colors : RAL COLOR ,Dulux color, interpon Color

 . Surface treatment :Powder coating, anodise, PVDF…

 . Corrosion –resistance and 10 years+ warranty

 . customized colors to match each project design